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Enkelhet med E.N.N.Y.

Passion with no limits

This is me Enny Sundell, the founder of ENNY. All began with a short class in silversmith at Ulva Kvarn in Uppsala. On this first course, I realized my love to create jewelry. After a few more classes, I started to build my own studio.


My creative side emerges through my silver jewelry.

It starts with a thought, which over many steps is allowed to grow into a finished unique piece of jewelry.

I have always had a great passion for form and design, the clean and modern design language reflected in geometric shapes but also inspired by the elegance of nature. My creation is named after people who have left expressions in my life. 

Enjoy your visiting of my webbsite and if you're wondering something about any of my jewelry, just send me an email.

Enny Sundell

Our greate selection of jewelry than by me Enny Sundell
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